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Let's Talk About Visas

It was Europe, then Brazil, that tried to impose visas for visitors. The former aimed to expedite entry and alleviate airport congestion, while the latter, due to a new government with innovative ideas. The European Union postponed its plan until further notice, and Brazil followed suit until mid-April. I trust that Europe will develop a fast and user-friendly service. However, having assisted some travelers in applying for a visa before the postponement, I must say they need to improve their system. Firstly, it is offered only in Portuguese and English, neglecting other nationalities. If you plan to travel to Brazil after April, make sure to apply for your visa at least two months in advance.

Now, I hear with pleasure and hope that Emirates is planning to allow passengers flying to Dubai to travel passport-free. This would be a significant step towards streamlining the cumbersome and time-consuming airport formalities that often deter travelers. I am one of those who dislike airports immensely but love the experience once I reach my destination and begin exploring and meeting new people.

peaking of easy access, I recently took a vegan trip to South Korea. The arrival was average, but flights within the nation were a breeze, as they utilized fingerprint data collected at entry and facial recognition to expedite subsequent trips. I also experienced very clean airports and encountered more caring airport employees. I wish our TSA (Transportation Security Administration) would be allowed to travel abroad to experience the best airports and implement their best practices in U.S. airports. More education, please.

Our leisure and corporate travel arrangement services include ensuring that you have everything you need for your trip, including assistance with visas.

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