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I was the apprentice of Richard Nigosian, an ultraluxe travel advisor in Manhattan, it was 2007 when I started working with him. I used to send the faxes, type itinerares, get coffee for the office, answer the phones, and everything the emperor did not want to do. What great times!

Silversea bookings always caught my attention, I always knew, one day, I would sell to my own clients. In fact, I am so happy to be helping Silversea guets book their door to door cruise. Often times, I can share the great news about a complimentary upgrades. For instance, last year, I had to brake the news to one of our client about a very nice upgrade to a suite with private jacuzzi on their Galapagos voyage! Most times I am able to get people free pre nights, free laundry and more importantly, I am there for you in case you need extra help at no extra cost to you. I just wanted to share this experience with you, my loyal client.

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