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The Galapagos Situation

Galapagos, the enchanted islands, are often a once-in-a-lifetime trip that's typically on most people's bucket lists. When people approach me about visiting the Galapagos, they often express the desire to do so while they can, and while their knees cooperate, because it's an active destination with wet and dry landings, tender rides, walking, swimming, and snorkeling. It's wise to visit early in life. It's like stepping into an amazing aquarium where animals thrive without confinement. The animals and plants exhibit incredible adaptations, and you can witness this phenomenon firsthand. For example, there's a flightless bird in the process of losing its wings because it hasn't needed to fly for years, having found sufficient food on land. The marine iguanas, resembling miniature dinosaurs, have developed the remarkable ability to dive deep and feed underwater. The giant tortoises are truly spectacular. Don't worry about dining in the Galapagos; if you enjoy fresh seafood, you're in luck—they offer the best ceviches and other international cuisine. Silversea Cruises incorporates the SALT concept, focusing on providing local cuisine based on the destination. Speaking of cruising, it's the best way to experience the Galapagos. The park only permits ships with up to 99 people, ensuring there are no huge crowds for your convenience. While land-based trips are possible, I would still recommend a cruise. Now, let's discuss the current state of affairs on the Ecuadorian mainland. I would suggest postponing your trip until next year, but if you must go this year to take advantage of the low airfares and rates due to crime issues, avoid Guayaquil. Instead, use Quito as your point of arrival from the US. I'm here to help you plan your next Silversea cruise.

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