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Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi used to be home to beduins semi-nomads people who roamed the vast desert with camels, traded and hunted with dogs, falcons until they found oil, put it into good use and became this amazing modern city full of fun, energy, technology, international cuisine and hub of many nationalities who come to Abu Dhabi and Dubai and bring with their knowledge and the highest level of hospitality you can imagine.

What we have now is the same falcon lovers who maintain their traditions intact and have now created this surreal destination that offers zero crime, great roads, #tolerance for all faiths and credos, a great place to do business, to study, live, work and love.

Abu. Dhabi has created the perfect environment for visitors. You can see giraffes, camels, orix, hyenas, birds, many other Wildlife.

You can to a oasis in the desert and be super comfortable in your villa with private pool and all the services you can imagine and even what you can’t imagine.

You know their chefs have the highest training when you try the paella and other dishes.

Abu Dhabi also has the highest building in the world, all major retail stores, and the best cars.

Send me an email or text to 347-681-4179 to plan your vavation to Abu Dhabi.

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