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Travel Insurance

A proper trip has to be protected financially and medically. We will send you a travel insurance quote as soon as we know the full picture and as soon as you make your first deposit. As part of our due diligence is minimize your risks by reading and understanding what the hotels, tour operators, airlines will keep in case you need to cancel your trip for an unforeseen, covered reason. For  instance, if you become ill before your trip, you will help you file a claim to recover your loses based on your trip cost calculated previously. 

You are also protected while you travel, for example, if you get sick and need to return home early, travel insurance will protect you.

We work with various travel insurance companies and will send you the best option with the most coverage at the lowest possible premium cost. 

If you decide to decline travel insurance coverage, we will need an email from you stating that you do not want travel insurance to avoid any misunderstanding

and to keep our business relationship transparent.

I have seen clients self-insure, meaning that they never take travel insurance knowing that some day they will have to cancel before and during the trip and they will lose money, but the reasoning here is that it may never happen and if it occurs, they will have saved enough money throughout the years of traveling that it will make sense to one day pay out-of-pocket. 

Whatever the case may be, you will make your decision and we will help you at every step.

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