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About Us


I was born in Latacunga, a city in the Cotopaxi region, right in the Andes. My father started a tourism transportation company where I had the opportunity to explore every region of Ecuador; the Amazon rainforest, the Coats, the Andes and the enchanted Galapagos Islands. I knew that TRAVEL was my passion, my love and my father showed me how extraordinary customer service is delivered to the different clients who visited Ecuador. 



New York LaGuardia College - Travel and Tourism Associates degree, I did my internship with Bond Street Travel in Manhattan, an ultra luxury Travel Agency where I learned how to deal with wealthy travelers for ten years. In the meantime, I also received my Bachelors in Hospitality Management and Tourism at New York City of Technology while being Richard Nigosian's apprentice, one of the best in the luxury travel industry. 


Twenty years later, I continue serving with the same enthusiasm and love to my dear patrons. If you are a busy, wealthy traveler, please contact me to start working together.

Rene Perez 


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