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Do Not Book Your Hotel Direct

I received a text from a client saying: “we were pulled out of the regular hotel check in line and taken to a private lounge where they gave us refreshment towels, drinks and comfortable chairs because we were flagged as vip”. Even though they paid the same rate as people next to them, they were given a different color bracelets that gave them access to the various vip lounges and extra attention from bartenders, and so forth. Would they have given the same special perks if they booked the hotel directly? of course not, let’s be straight forward, hotels loves all guests, but they love us more because we send them clients all year long, on the other hand, most people who book direct, they go to a difFerent hotel/different destination, so there is no continuity and obviously we as a Travel Agency have a better handle when it comes to solving issues and you will get more for the same amount of money.

Other good clients say: I booked my own hotel because I din’t want to bother you, I just need help with the flights, tours, transfers, dinners, and spa. Dear client: is ok bother me because the hotel pays me a commission for booking your hotel and I gladly book the rest as well and reduce the fee I charge to you because honestly, booking the flights is a pain-in-the-neck for us, but we will do it as part of the whole package. Is ok to do research and see your preferences, but don’t try to be A travel agent yourself, let us do what we do best. You pack your bags and have fun.

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