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Efficiently Save by Booking EVERYTHING with Your Trusted Travel Advisor

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

There are two types of clients: those who book every single travel item with a travel advisor, and those who book some items directly online in an attempt to "save" our booking fee. However, in the end, the clients who try to avoid our fee often forget who booked what and end up facing penalties or no-shows with airlines and hotels, ultimately realizing that they haven't saved as much as they initially thought.

It is advisable to book everything with your trusted travel advisor because they serve as your singular and comprehensive source for all your travel needs. With just a single text or email, your travel advisor can make any necessary changes, and although there is a fee involved, it results in overall cost savings. While it may be possible for you to type your name and book a flight, our systems enable the efficient transfer of your information to the airline, minimizing the risk of errors such as mistyped TSA Global Entry numbers, names, or dates of birth.

Furthermore, if the airline makes changes to your flight, we can assist you in finding the best alternative options, but only if we handled the initial booking. If you booked the flight yourself, you would be solely responsible for managing any changes. Additionally, when you book your hotels through us, there are numerous benefits to enjoy. A significant percentage of the time due to my efficient booking, we are able to provide room upgrades due to the substantial amount of business we bring to the hotels.

Contact me if you need a professional travel advisor to handle your leisure and business trips for you, so you can concentrate in more profitable projects. 347-681-4179

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