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How a Travel Agent Added Value to My Trip

They have "killed" us many times over the years, but here we are, stronger that ever. Here are the reasons:

  1. Why would you want to waste your precious time booking your trips when we have a system that does it for you and I and takes two minutes and it is less prone to make mistakes.

  2. Most people travel several times a year, which means you might plan a trip six times annually. In contrast, we plan multiple trips daily. This ensures we have up-to-date contacts everywhere and are always in the know. Given the collective volume of sales we handle, you will receive a higher status compared to booking directly. Stop trying to be your own travel agent and use your time more effectively.

  3. It’s your trip—you design it as you like, and I'll help you figure it out and save you time.

  4. When booking your flights and hotel online to save money, if changes occur, the system may or may not accommodate you automatically. If not, you might find yourself dialing the airline, only to face long waits or being hung up on. The hotel might redirect you to central reservations. It's a hassle! Avoid this by booking everything with a reliable agent who anticipates and resolves issues for you promptly. Agents have direct access to airlines and can swiftly resolve problems, sparing you from unnecessary frustration.

  5. Don't run around like a chicken with its head cut off, wondering who booked what. Book all your travel with a travel agent, and you'll always know who to turn to for fast answers to your questions.

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