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The Customer is Not Always Right: Building Trust in Business Relationships

Some firms apply the "the customer is not always right" policy, and I happen to agree. Trust is key to having a healthy business relationship. Successful trips often have the following ingredients:

Clear Communication:

  • Send a clear email (always in writing) listing what you want to accomplish. For more complex logistics, a phone call may be useful.

Read Carefully - Checks and Balalnces :

  • Take two minutes to actually read what your travel agent writes. Your travel agent makes mistakes, but working as a tem helps avoid fiascos.

Ask Questions:

  • Don't hesitate to ask questions if anything is unclear.

Make Timely Decisions:

  • Ensure decisions are made in a timely manner to keep the planning process smooth.


  • Repeat the above steps for each interaction to maintain a consistent and efficient communication process.

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