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Travel Insurance

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

In the initial stages, everything may appear joyful and content, but when unexpected circumstances arise, and the risk of financial loss becomes imminent, inevitably, individuals seek our assistance. Consequently, we have adopted measures to safeguard our interests, understanding that protecting you also entails preserving our relationship.

I become apprehensive when a client declines to acquire travel insurance. While a small percentage of travelers comprehend the potential risks involved, most only recognize the necessity of insurance when unforeseen events occur. For instance, imagine a scenario where a client arrives in a foreign city, only to have their wallet lost or stolen. They must file a report, visit the Embassy, resolve the situation, consuming valuable six hours. Consequently, their plans are disrupted, and unexpected expenses arise, which could have been covered by insurance. However, it is not solely a matter of money.

Conversely, when more severe incidents unfold, such as falling ill and requiring immediate return home, the consequences become even more dire. Now, the individual must contend with penalties for canceling hotel reservations and face the need to purchase exorbitantly priced last-minute return flights, assuming they are able to return at all. What if hospitalization becomes necessary? The ramifications are truly nightmarish. Hence, I implore you, whenever you travel, always procure travel insurance.

Travel Agent

Although we are travel advisors and not insurance agents, we can assist you in selecting the most suitable policy for your needs.

Here is my number if you are ready to explore the world 347-681--4179

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