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Vegan Vibes in the Land of Kimchi: My South Korean Sojourn

Embarking on the vegan tour in Korea was a sublime journey, commencing with an impeccable flight and unfolding into a tapestry of delights—ranging from delectable vegan cuisine to enchanting gardens and temples, encounters with serene monks, meandering rivers, majestic mountains, succulent tangerines and grapes, the embrace of organic tea, layers of rich history, moments of luxury, all culminating in a profoundly spiritual experience.

When stepping onto an Asiana flight, one immediately senses the promise of a highly efficient journey, where the flight attendants move with a precision akin to a well-oiled machine. Their choreographed routine, executed with mesmerizing finesse, commences with a respectful salute to each passenger, setting the tone for a seamlessly orchestrated experience from takeoff to landing.

The vegan culinary adventure unfolded during both lunch and dinner, revealing a surprising array of delectable options. From seaweed in diverse presentations to savory mushrooms, flavorful kimchi, and even nourishing acorns, each dish proved not only good but also incredibly fulfilling. The spiritual pinnacle of the journey occurred at the temple, where a unique dining ritual unfolded. Instructed to personally select our food, sit in silent communion with the monks, and savor each morsel with deliberate slowness, the experience transcended mere sustenance. Post-meal, the act of washing our dishes became a symbolic act of mindfulness. Notably, the temple adhered to the highest level of veganism, abstaining even from garlic and onions due to their potential to stimulate the central nervous system—a restriction imposed by monastic practices. Meeting renowned chef Jeong Kwan who delved into the profound philosophy behind vegan food marked a truly life-changing moment, adding a deeper layer of understanding to the culinary journey.

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