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We Maximize Your Benefits And Minimize Your Risks

If you travel extensively to different destinations in a regular basis the answer is yes, you need to work with a travel agency. Here are the reasons:

- It takes time and effort to research, and type the information to process your own bookings. You are prone to make mistakes that will take even longer to correct in addition to paying penalties. Do yourself a favor and make better use of your time and let a professional Do a more accurate job.

- You don’t need to pay a salary to your travel advisor. Your travel professional makes money when you travel at no extra cost to you.

- You have an extra set of eyes watching your back wherever you are in the world.

- We have strategic contacts located in every destination that will make a big difference when you are overseas.

- Channel every trip through your travel agency to control your expenses and minimize your loses.

- Encourage your employees book their flights and hotels with the travel agency.

- You will always pay the same or less and get more included in your hotel bookings. Why not getting a nice complimentary upgrade due to our different affiliations.

- We belong to various travel consortia that allows us to give you more and to make things happen for you. In reality, the hotel sees you as ONE customer who may never comebacK. But the hotel sees us as partners who keep sending guests throughout the year, ergo you will be in a stronger position when booking your stay with us.

- We meet and have a business relationship with hoteliers, destination managers, tour guides, drivers. If we are not experts, we will coordinate a video conference with one to ensure we plan your trip according to your plans.

In conclusion, I have given you more reasons to contact me and get you set up with your leisure and business travels because we maximize your benefits and minimize your risks.

Rene 347-681-4179

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