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What’s Going On With Travel Now?

Travelers have now decided is time to go back on the road, better, longer and fancier. The phones began ringing once again and on the other side of the line are people who have been waiting for the time to be ripe. Ripe it is indeed. Two major groups of people are planning trips; one domestically and the second internationally. The latest group is afraid To get stuck overseas if the catch covid abroad. But that will change as soon as the United States removes the the covid negative requirement to return, until, that happens, people will stay local.

Here are the local places people have been going lately:

- Grand Canyon

- Vegas

- Santa Fe

- Albuquerque

- Yellowstone

- Montana

- San Diego

- San Francisco

- Los Angeles

- Asheville

- Orlando

- Miami

- Sarasota

- New York

- Maine

- San Antonio

Here is the list of the most recently traveled international destinations:

- Cabo

- Riviera Maya

- Turks & Caicos

- Costa Rica

- Belize

- Abu Dhabi

- Paris

- Venice

- Florence

- Rome

- Milan

- Jamaica

- Jerusalem

- Tel Aviv

- Galapagos

- Machu Picchu

I am currently writing this blog from the airport while waiting for my flight to Venice to take off. I’ll be in Florence, Rome and Milan exploring the best hotels for my clients.

Who is a potential client? Anyone with more money than time who expects his/her travel advisor to be there for him/her when needed with fast and smart travel options.

If you meet the requirements, send me an email or text to get started., 347-681-4179. I am based in New York, but I work from anywhere like a nomad.


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