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Why Should I Book with a Travel Agency?

Book your hotel online and pay $3,000, or book the same hotel with a travel agency and pay $3,000 or less while also receiving extra perks. Travel agencies have special contracts that include more benefits for you. You may visit the hotel once and never return, but we send clients regularly. Therefore, if there is an issue, we have more leverage to handle it because the hotel sees us as regular clients and you as a one-time client.

The same applies to cruises. We make group bookings comprising many clients, which allows you to receive extra onboard credit. We know the sales representatives personally and can secure upgrades and special services that are not available to those who book directly with the cruise line. This is due to the same reasons mentioned above.

Airlines often don't answer your phone calls promptly when you need assistance, especially if your flight has been canceled or delayed, and the airline's automated system reschedules you for the next day. On the other hand, with us, you have direct access to real people. You can text or call us, and we will find the best options for you, including alternatives with other airlines—options not available if you book directly with the airline. We have direct access and will book you on the next best option. It's a no-brainer.

So, shop local, find your perfect fit, and start working with a capable and ready-to-serve travel advisor.

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