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Ultra Luxury Travel COMPANY



Earth and Water Travel Corporation EAW is an ultra-lux travel agency company presided by René Pérez, an experienced, seasoned and professional luxury travel advisor who went to Travel agent school in New York, followed by hospitality management studies and who was the apprentice and junior TA of a prominent Manhattan based high end travel agent Richard Nigosian from Bond Street Travel. EAW Travel brings to the table long standing solid business relationships with hotels, airlines, tour operators, private jet companies, cruises in every corner of the planet. When you book your leisure and corporate travels with EAW, you will experience the highest standards in customer service, top quality trip planning, efficient process and impeccable trip execution before, during and after the trip. 




  • Trip Planning - Leisure/Corporate

  • Flights - Domestic and International 

  • Bespoke Tours

  • Private Jets

  • Luxury Hotel Reservations

  • Travel Insurance

  •  24/7 Support during travel

  •  Axus Travel App

  • Airport VIP Arrival and Departure Greeters 

  • Concierge work; dinning, tours and activities  

  • Travel Insurance Claims Assistance 

  • Reports 

Transparent Rate Structure:

  • $250 to plan a trip for new clients only 

  • $60 to issue/change airline tickets per person - includes Axus App with alerts for schedule changes/cancelations and 24/7 human support 

  • Complimentary hotels booking with a $40 cancelation fee 

  • Complimentary Travel Insurance Quotes 

  • $500 concierge fee to book tours, transfers if you booked your hotel and air with points 

  • Complimentary post travel questions regarding billing, disputes with hotel or vendors 

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