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Leisure & Corporate Travel 



EAW Travel is a full-service travel company that offers tailored leisure arrangements to its ultra-luxurious clientele. Additionally, it provides assistance with corporate travel arrangements for their companies, maintaining the highest service standards in the industry.




  • Trip Planning - Leisure/Corporate

  • Flights - Domestic and International 

  • Bespoke Tours

  • Private Jets

  • Luxury Hotel and Cruises 

  • Travel Insurance

  •  24/7 Support during travel

  •  Axus Travel App

  • Airport VIP Arrival and Departure Greeters 

  • Concierge work; dinning, tours and activities  

  • Travel Insurance Claims Assistance 

  • Reports 


  • $250 to plan a trip for new clients only 

  • $60 to issue/change airline tickets per person - includes Axus App with alerts for schedule changes/cancelations and 24/7 human support 

  • Complimentary hotels booking with a $40 cancelation fee 

  • Complimentary Travel Insurance Quotes 

  • $500 concierge fee to book tours, transfers if you booked your hotel and air with points 

  • Complimentary post travel questions regarding billing, disputes with hotel or vendors 


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